Why book direct with us?

Because you are directly supporting our business! Breakfast is included! And we serve a mean breakfast. 

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. We accept cash. But we will need a credit card for the reservation. Then we can refund credit card at time we receive cash. For longer and more pricey stays, please ask us.

Do you have AC in all the rooms?

Yes. Brand new units and they do a great job. Since electricity here is very expensive, we ask our customers to please only use the AC when you are in the room.

Can I use US Dollars or should I exchange them for pesos?

At the moment of writing this the US dollar is strong around 17 pesos per dollar. I encouragegoing to a bank and converting cash or taking out pesos from an ATM here in Baja.  The airport does not give favorable rates but if you want to have $40 USD worth of pesos for tips, beers and tolls, just get enough to make it to a bank. Don’t forget to let your bank know you will be using your card down here before you leave.

Where is the best place to exchange my dollars?

Most banks. Banorte & Banamex are here in Todos Santos. Note, the banks are only open Mon-Friday and close at 4. 

What is the best way to get to and from the airport?


If you want to come to Todos Santos by bus, check out Ecobajatours.com.  They have departures several times a day. They have Wifi on their vans. Book in advance! They sell out.

You can also book private transportation. We can provide transport from airport for parties of 4 or less per our website. Larger parties require van service which we can arrange for you.

How far away is the bus station from the hotel? Can I walk?

The hotel is located 4 blocks away from the station in the downtown area of Todos Santos.   Yes you can. Or we can pick you up happily. We just need to know in advance when to expect you. If you do walk: Straight up Militar until you reach Obregon, take a right and the next right is Rangel, we are on the left hand side of the road!

My flight gets in really late?

Please check with us in advance of arriving late. We are open during the day and able to leave the door open to receive guests but we do not have a night desk manager. We don’t want you to arrive and not be able to get in! In some cases, if you are renting a car and it is dark, it is advisable to stay in a hotel locally and make the drive the following day. The livestock on the highway are often black in color. Car accidents at night happen a lot. Please be careful!

We are traveling as a family... Do you allow children?

Yes, but do ask parents to use discretion. Please let us know if we can set up a crib or any other amenities for you. Note, our pool is not gated and there is no lifeguard on duty.


 Let us know so we can prepare for you. Requires approval and separate deposit. No aggressive dogs allowed.  Our dog policy is $35 USD cleaning fee charged every 3 days.

Do you tip in Mexico?

Yes, 10% is customary or more if you are delighted or nothing if you get one of those experiences.

How far is the nearest beach?

 1.5 Kilometers. You can walk it but it isn’t direct. There are several walks to the beach that are very beautiful. We can recommend nice paths. We can rent you a bicycle, send you to Punta Lobos beach and pick you up (sample adventure tour).

Do you offer beach towels?

Yes. We have big beach towels. Please use those and not the white ones from our hotel! We also offer Tommy Bahama beach chairs and shade umbrellas for those wanting to go to the beach without burning. Just ask us. When you return to the hotel there is an outdoor shower to hose off sand!

If I take a taxi or shuttle there, how do I get around?

Having a car in Todos is convenient insofar as traveling to different beaches in the area: Cerritos, Las Palmas, Punta Lobos, El Faro Beach Club (which we offer free admission to our guests—please inquire) and even the famous surf break, La Pastora are all between 10 and 15 minutes drive. So for days where you are NOT walking around town, attending yoga locally or eating downtown, it is nice to have a vehicle. We have a car we rent at the hotel by the day. We can also ferry folks to and from the beach for a nominal fee. The car and the rides are subject to availability. Book them on our website or call us to discuss in more detail.  Let us know if you want to book a custom adventure. We have something for all.

Where is the surf and where can I rent a surfboard?

Todos Santos Surf shop is a 3 minute walk from the hotel. They have a nice selection of boards, provide all kinds of great information and typically include the board-straps for rental cars.  There are also boards for rent at Cerritos Beach. We recommend first time surfers start there with a lesson ($60 USD). Let us know if we can hook you up with Mario’s Surf School. Mario also owns a transportation company and can facilitate $10 each way transport between the hotel and Cerritos Beach.

Are there many swim-able beaches? 

Cerritos is the most family friendly for both surfing and swimming. 

Punta Lobos can also be swimmable with the right conditions. But generally speaking, we do not recommend swimming on most of the local beaches because of currents and riptides. Please ask us if you have questions. 

What's the weather there? Should I bring a jacket?

Depends on time of the year.  The winters can be cold at night but when the sun comes out you will only want to be in shorts.  A light jacket does work well for in between swims with whale sharks in La Paz if there is wind! Bring hats and sun block.

What if I don't speak any Spanish?

Take a lesson! We can facilitate that from the hotel. Basic and fun. But most people can get by without any Spanish.

Is there a hospital in town?

St. Luke’s hospital is located two blocks from the hotel on Calle Militar. The hospital is not a trauma center. Serious injuries that require MRI type procedures are in Cabo.

I like to surf, what else is there to do in Todos?

Take a walking tour. A Bike Tour. A food Tour. Go to the Sierras to see waterfalls and enjoy lunch. Do a glamping expedition at a private beach. Rent side by sides and cross the Sierras. Or hike it and explore the Preserve, the forest and the abundant water.  Paddle board through forests of mangroves. Go Fishing. Take a spear fishing class. Hike to Old Port. Watch the pangeros return to Punta Lobos, Sunset at Mirador, and the list goes on!

Are there very many vegetarian options?

Heaps. We live in an agricultural wonderland. Delicious vegetables are readily available and can be infused upon request.